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Mark & Gayle DeCola, Owners 

The vision was to create a small family owned and operated service oriented Real Estate Company.

 For over 15 years DeCola Realty has been the "boutique" type company specializing in the listings and selling of properties. DeCola Realty LLC is known for its professional, friendly and attentive service to all customers. Located in the heart of New Haven, CT, we are a small company with big values. DeCola Realty takes pride in itself and in our reputation of enthusiasm and personal service that we have built over the years. Our agents often work with referrals from clients who have been completely satisfied by DeCola Realty:  Testimonials have included terms such as: helpful, but not dishonest; educating, but not pushy. One aspect that most real estate companies don’t teach you is both the negative as well as the positives in property, DeCola will always be open and upfront with our clients.  We take pride in our reputation and this is why we are so well known within the real estate industry. While our service and values are old school and traditional, our approach to technology is anything but. We use social media to our clients’ full advantage to get the word out about our listings. Get our latest news on Facebook , check out our listings on, and download our mobile app so you can take us everywhere.


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